HTA-700B v.2 Hybrid Tube Amplifier

HTA-700B v.2 Hybrid Tube Amplifier

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Now your computer, smartphone and any other digital or analog source can turn into top class audio systems.

This midi sized integrated amplifier offers impressive powerful sound.
Thanks to its hybrid design it provides richness of sound synonymous with pure valve amplification.

You can connect it directly to your computer through a USB input port and thanks to a built-in high-resolution premium USB-DAC 24bit/192kHz (Cmedia CM6631A+Cirrus Logic CS4344) you are able to change your digital music to a thrilling music experience.

The HTA-700B v.2 is also an ideal companion for mobile devices – stream music from smartphones, tablets or computers compatible with Bluetooth®.

Direct transmission  of audio signal from input sources to the "pre-out" output with the variable volume level control allows to connect an external power amplifier, subwoofer and speakers.

Headphone output is a perfect choice for those who prefer discrete listening. 

The removable IEC power cable gives you an option to upgrade your system with a premium audiophile power cable in any time.

The amplifier is prepared to use higher quality 12AX7B (or a direct equivalent) vacuum tubes than factory installed (contact us for installation instructions).

What is new in the v.2 version?

Increased power from 33W to 45W per channel at 4 Ohm. Now your music will play louder, more clearly and with higher dynamics!

Redesigned and enlarged power supply to offer better voltage stability and decreased AC ripple current. It reflects in a more natural and fresh sound with deep multidimensional soundstage.

Upgraded, audiophile grade volume potentiometer to provide lower noises and channels crosstalk, and excellent operational feel as well as to limit errors between the two channels.

Extended frequency response up to 28kHz to ensure more linear and lifelike sound and improve sound filed depth.

New, more appealing design.

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