If you are looking for an advanced stereo system with superior sound performance, unique functions and appealing design TAGA Harmony has something really special for you!

Our stereo systems deliver pure and intense power as well as a rich sound with stunning accuracy, soundstage and sensational dynamics.

Our stereo systems are designed to perfectly match with TAGA Harmony speakers. They utilize advanced materials, state of the art engineering and innovate design by an international team of professional designers.

Dedicated for very demanding hi-fi fans who are looking for the best sound performance and love to enjoy the music without missing any single tune of melody!


TAGA Harmony stereo systems are hybrid constructions. 

What does it mean and why does TAGA Harmony use this approach?

Hybrid means a combination of two different techniques to create an amplifier in one device: the World of tubes and the World of transistors.

TAGA Harmony amplifiers use vacuum tubes in the preamp section and transistors in the power stage. This results in tube, soft and analog-like sound character and at the same time high dynamics and power provided by transistors, which is usually a weak point of pure tube designs.

The sound of TAGA Harmony hybrid amplifiers is not only silky and rich but also powerful and dynamic. In addition, hybrid amplifiers compared to pure tube amps have better abilities to properly drive different kind of speakers.

Keep in mind that after being turned on a hybrid amplifier requires to warm up its tubes to reach its full sound capabilities – it usually takes from 5 to 15 minutes depending on model and room temperature.

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