TAV-606 SE 5.0 Lautsprecher Set & Pioneer VSX 830 AV Receiver


TAV-606 SE 5.0 Lautsprecher Set & Pioneer VSX 830 AV Receiver

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TAV-606 SE Special Edition - Set

Wind of Change!


TAV-606 v.3 considered to be one of the best bargains both for hi-fi stereo and home theatre now is introduced in the Special Edition version to appeal towards even more advanced audio enthusiasts.


The main changes have been implemented to the front speakers which are the most important element of the system:


  • The midrange driver has a bigger magnet to provide higher sensitivity and better control of a voice coil.Now mids are more natural, live and rich.
  • 6.5” woofer utilizes more rigid and lighter cone structure and more flexible rubber surround. The magnet has grown from 80mm to 90mm as well as an extra one (80mm) has been added. Bass is extremely deep and accurate keeping great timing at the same time.
  • The revised crossover matches the revised drivers.
  • The same high-end internal wiring as in the Platinum SE and CORAL series is used.
  • The same high-end damping material as in the CORAL series is now used in TAV-606 SE.


To emphasize the high-end affiliation of the SE edition

we are proud to show it outside:


  • Special Edition logo batch is located on front panels.
  • Bassreflex ports and terminal boxes are rubber coated.
  • The high-end binding posts same as in the CORAL series are used in TAV-606 SE.
  • Elegant, black aluminum spikes underline unique character of the speakers.



Black Piano Front Panel


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TAV-606F SE BEST BUY 02-2014


"The TAV-606F SE sound can be characterized as uniform and consistent in timbre and smooth without excessive peaks and drops in the response frequency... I could hear the sound saturated with details, legible and dense. What is the most important the high frequencies were not attacking me over and over again ...It is pretty common that less expensive speakers cannot manage playing that disc properly /Soft Cell "Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing"/… The TAGA Harmony speakers did a perfect job with that material, even adding a little sweetness and warmth to the sound. We can hear that the speakers were tuned in terms of timbre, saturation and rather musicality than analyticity, dynamics, bass contour and its diversity. The result is the very pleasant sound inviting to listening to the music for a long time. The speakers do not make the listener tired and, what is important, almost every disc sounds very nice despite its level of realization...


Thanks to the factory tuning we get the excellent speakers which sound and look better than the base model, and all these in only a little higher price."







Pioneer VSX-830 5.2 Kanal AV Receiver

5.2 Netzwerk-Mehrkanal-Receiver mit zwei Subwooferausgängen, Subwoofer EQ, Hi-Res-Audio-Wiedergabe, DLNA, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth und 4K Ultra-HD PassThrough

Ihr Bleib-Daheimkino-Erlebnis.

Dieser leistungsstarke Netzwerk-Mehrkanal-Receiver bietet 4K Ultra-HD PassThrough - einschließlich 60p Video - und Hi-Res-Audio-Wiedergabe. Um Ihr Heimkino-Erlebnis noch perfekter zu machen, ist der VSX-830 mit Advanced MCACC ausgestattet, dem Raumkalibriersystem, das Unterschiede in Größe, Lautstärke und Abstand Ihrer Lautsprecher automatisch ausgleicht und den Frequenzgang anpasst. Zusätzlich sorgen zwei Subwoofer-Vorverstärkerausgänge bei Bedarf für ein mehr als massives Bassfundament.
Der VSX-830 lässt sich ganz einfach mit fast allen Geräten verbinden. Verbinden Sie Ihren iPod oder Ihr iPhone per AirPlay, Ihr Android-Smartphone per MHL, oder nutzen Sie HTC Connect für die Wiedergabe hochauflösender Audiodateien. Erleben Sie Ihre Lieblingsmusik wie nie zuvor mit Spotify Connect und vTuner Internetradio. Oder genießen Sie Hi-Res-Audio per USB oder DLNA, wie zum Beispiel FLAC, WAV, ALAC und AIFF (weitere Info hier: unterstützte Formate).
Nicht zuletzt bietet Ihnen das integrierte Bluetooth die Möglichkeit, Ihre Musik sehr einfach und komfortabel zu streamen.


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