Reviews & Awards

Reviews & Awards



 PLATINUM F–100 SE Hi-Fi Choice 

BEST BUY 01-2013


…sound was lightning-fast with a low, powerful, extended bass and spaciousness being created on a grand scale .. dynamic capabilities deserve a special attention...

F-100 SE impressed me especially with their sound transmission on a macro scale, precisely performing large volume strokes without prejudice to spatiality and without losing the rhythm ...

TAGA Harmony's sound style immediately reminded me of American designs, such as Klipsch and JBL… light 25mm titanium dome installed in F-100 SE has exceptional dynamics on a micro scale unusual in this price range, similar to the horn drivers…

TAGA Harmony really enjoy the company of glowing vacuum tubes which I could see by combining the speakers with Austrian Ayon Orion.

TAGA Harmony are open sound speakers firmly emphasizing the dynamic contrast and as such will sound excellent with all kinds of musical genres which are based mainly on spaciousness and the power of sound.

… they can perform very well in pretty large rooms, without a need for  an above-average powered amplifier. TAGA Harmony speakers utilizing their 3-way design are able to focus one's attention on particular elements of sound, allowing the listener to immerse into the nuances of the recordings regardless of the frequency range.


F-100 SE are speakers that provide a neutral and accurate performance of a high caliber"


PLATINUM F-100 SE “Stereo Magazine”



“…Platinum F-100 SE looks very impressive and exclusive at the same time, presenting a level of finish seen in several times more expensive constructions…


The first thing that caught my attention is that TAGA speakers are not sensitive to the connected electronics, which in this price range is not often found and here we get a very versatile sound, perfectly matching different amplifiers…

F-100 SE speakers play a very homogeneous sound without noticeable transitions between the different frequency ranges being performed by the individual drivers.

They perfectly “disappear” in a listening room, no matter what kind of music is currently playing.

Well balanced sub-ranges with a little emphasize in the upper range of bass, which can be easily adjusted by keeping appropriate distance from the back wall.

The Consistency and speed of the lowest frequency range make a big impression, carefully accenting an impact and sound of individual instruments…

A scene of virtual sound sources is drawn in a very stable way, more towards the listener than into the inside…Male vocals were well balanced with a perfect finish. The analyticity of this set is on a very natural level, and gives insight view into every detail of the music in a very physiological and totally not annoying way…



The speakers surprise with versatility of playback capabilities in high volume levels. Midrange is very flat and perfectly fits the rest of frequency ranges. High frequencies are clearly beautiful, with a good sharpness and tonality.

The pulsing bass range with an outstanding musical clarity is hard to be beaten in the price range up to 6400 US$.

An extensive scene with stable plans created in the direction of a listener allows enjoying the nuances recorded on a disc…

In its price range F-100 SE offers a great versatility of sound and that is the reason it will remain with us as the "Editorial Equipment"



PLATINUM v.2 F-100 “AgdLab"


“...from the very first moment  TAGA surprises with lightness and consistency of sound. It does not excessively favour any range of frequencies... ... (Platinum F-100)has more features typical for  substantial more expensive speakers."




TAV-606 + TSW-90 “Stereo Magazine” 

“..The enclosures of all speakers have been made with a due diligence, seen even in much more expensive designs.

TAGA nicely surprises with a smooth sound effects... For this price, TAGA is able to unleash a real storm...  will pay back with a spectacular fireworks' show, running forward like the Orient Express.

...the speakers are very well built, there are no any objections against the sound performance - it is universal.I think they are worth to listen to..."


PLATINUM v.2 B-40 “Stereo Magazine” 

“.. B-40 surprises with the quality of design: solid enclosures with high quality finish appeal positively to customers. There are two main construction advantages that are hard to find in competing products at this price point: first are curved enclosure walls – this solution significantly limits resonances. The second is the location of tweeter above the top edge of the enclosure - that reduces waves reflections  from the front of the speaker...

...Stereophony, with well-marked plans, can be enjoyable. The speakers have no problem with "disappearing" in the room, what is not common in this price range...

At this price it is difficult to find some? competition, except of perhaps Tannoy Mercury.




“The sound performance is creative, harmonious and friendly, not so much holding the audience in suspense, as in a very polite way invites to listen to the next recording and disc. You can hear a lot of attractive details, which are never too prickly for your ears, but rather enrich your listening and make it more enjoyable, high frequencies are fresh, bright and expressive. Sibilants sound without any sharpness, harshness and dryness, but with a velvet breeze, and when it is needed some more metallic sound can be audible - but it is not disturbing even in a strong drum attacks. The whole sound performance has a lot of charm, a little softness and a lot of juiciness, it is clear, but not sharp…”


Vibrant, juicy, based on an active bass, topped with expressive, detailed high frequencies. Absorbing and not disturbing, pleasant at the first impression and in the long run.


PLATINUM v.2 F-100, C-100, S-100, SW-10  "HDFEVER"

“...The sound performance of the speakers is very interesting, combining warmth and brightness in the top range of the frequencies. It is beautiful, round, fleshy, powerful, not unnecessarily too fast, but firm. They have surprisingly deep bass in relation to the size. Mid frequencies are accurate, balanced and articulated with excellent readability of instruments and voices. As for the treble, the tweeter is subdued, very accurate, can provide many details, but slightly directional what shows up especially in a large room..."

Very good price / Quality ratio



Group test: 

JBL Studio 130, Mission Mx1, Q-Acoustic 2020i, Roth Audio OLI 20, TAGA Platnium B-40 v.2, Wharfedale Diamond 10.1


Not only a little bigger enclosures, but most of all the larger mid-woofer have ensured the speaker's visible  advantage over competitors in terms of, remarkably, not only a bass, but mostly dynamics and airy, large sound; surely bass has its participation in this, but it is not coming out to the first plan,  does not give “strength” by strong impacts or impressive rumbles, simply the bass is in the proper and needed quantity. It even seems that the center of frequency range responsible for presenting huge amounts of information sounds more powerful and pugnacious, sometimes ruthless, but always reliable. High frequencies do not stand out, but well-connected, they finish sounds, irradiate and give details without exaggerating nor neglecting any details – everything is well arranged.  Without assurance, without mannerism, without emphasis,without complexes and without creating charming climates - direct, dynamic sound with high competence


Dynamic, coherent, distinct, with strong first plan. The scale of sound that is considerably higher than competitors'.


PLATINUM v.2 F-80 “Stereo Magazine” 

“.. I am surprised by the quality of design. Solid enclosures with high quality and stylish finish appeal positively to customers. There are two main construction advantages that are hard to find in competing products at this price point: first are curved enclosure walls – this solution significantly limits resonances, inner wave effect and increases stiffness of the whole construction, second is the location of tweeter above the top edge of the enclosure - that reduces waves reflections  from the front of the speaker...


F-80 are very enjoyable, non-intrusive speakers with a versatile sound performance, they do not favor any type of music. They can play small jazz compositions with the same passion, power and clarity as mighty organ music and in a few moments they can take us to a stadium during live rock concert. 

Until recently, I wouldn't expect to find speakers which, in this price, could undoubtedly be recommended to everyone.



PLATINUM v.2 F–100 Hi-Fi Choice

BEST BUY 03-2012

"…TAGA Harmony Platinum v.2 F-100 definitely stands out from the competition in sense of consistent, free and expressive sound performance, which allows enjoying all kind of music being listen... Designers for sure deserve words of recognition. The changes in the new model Platinum F-100 are not only cosmetic. There are much better and more expensive solutions used, which have direct impact on sound quality. Nevertheless TAGA has managed to keep very attractive ratio of quality to price… These speakers look great and sound the same way in their price category!"



“…Sound performance: charismatic, warm, natural sound of the mids, and a moderate level of treble - almost elegant manners.…”


PLATINUM F “T3 Magazine” 

“…… positively surprises successful combination of sound frequency balance with fascinating and fresh sound performance. Platinum F can easily present sopranos, keeping close to competent and neutral canon of speakers… Bass is clear and prompt. The sound of electric bass guitar in rock or contrabass in jazz is a pleasure to listen. Strong and vital impacts of drum foot can bring smile of satisfaction to listener’s face… TAGA speakers have desire for playing. And they do this with dynamic and inspiration…. worthy of awards.…”

    PLATINUM F Hi-Fi Choice”

“…Platinum F performs lively and bright sound and give subtle shine to played music as well as perform with high dynamics … They beat competitors with dynamics and presentation of low frequencies…you should definitely listen to these speakers… ”


TAV-606 + TSW-90 “Audio-Video”


“… This system combines well balanced sound performance with full, well defined bass, which can fill up pretty large listening room. Front speakers can perfectly work in stereo system as well…”


TAV-606 + TSW-90 – “Home Theatre Magazine”


“… They surprise with high workmanship and sound performance, which are usually met in much higher priced systems… Spacious and properly balanced sound performance is of surprisingly high quality reserved for much more expensive speakers…”


TSP-600 F/C/S + TSW-6150 – “AUDIO” 

“…Charismatic sound performance of midrange frequencies with full bass base offered by front speakers (subwoofer is not required for stereo), sound performance runs forward away from sharpness to refinement and consistency. Great subwoofer perfectly matching front speakers…”