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Welcome to Stereo & Surround Shop,

Stereo & Surround is dedicated to the distribution of high quality audio products that make music enjoyable and add color to life.

With the offer of our brands Taga Harmony, we aim to provide high quality audio from stereo to cinema sound in appealing design, first-class workmanship and affordable prices.

Hi-fi and home theater speakers by Taga Harmony make cinema at home beautiful!

Without adequate speakers, neither a home cinema nor a stereo system is conceivable. The speakers are no less than the mediators between the playback electronics and the ear of the music or movie enthusiast. Therefore, you will also find in our shop Taga speakers of various sizes and designs, all with first-class playback and processing quality at unbeatable prices.

Taga Harmony also has a new generation of hi-fi electronics, which harmonize well with Taga loudspeakers, but can also drive loudspeakers from other manufacturers to peak performance. Whether sophisticated digital-to-analog converters or tube hybrid amplifiers, Taga Harmony combines the best of the analog world with modern digital playback sources.

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Your Stereo & Surround team